Tanya Mullins, Christchurch, July 2019
"Gorka was an absolute pleasure. He was polite, funny and similar to George. They made a good friendship.
Lisa Taylor, Christchurch, July 2017
"We thought the programme was very well run. The support for the students and host families was fantastic. The students I met clearly enjoyed their stay and the bowling half way through is a welcome get together for both students and host families. We would be very happy to have another student next year."

Andrea Smirk, Southampton  July 2016

"We have really enjoyed Ainhoa staying with us. She has settled really well and my children got on really well with her. Ainhoa has learned a lot, speaks very good English and especially  has enjoyed eating English food. Ainhoa is like a member of our family. We will miss her very much when she goes back home. Hopefully  we will see Ainhoa again next year to come and stay with us.  

I found it was very well organised. I thought it was nice to be in contact with the family before there child comes over to England. Great communication  between us and the co-ordinator, if we have any concerns, worried about anything or to ask any questions. The only problem was when picking the student up it was late at 10.15pm in the evening. But I could understand about the arrangements for all the students to come to England together. We are happy to support the programme  next year." 


-In 2017 arrival time has been sorted! The group will be arriving at a much more reasonable time!



"We as a family, really enjoyed Maya´s time here. She was an absolute delight to have in our home. Polite, entertaining and great fun to have around. She blended in very well here. So, if you can find her double that would be amazing"


Louisa Green, Fordingbridge, March 2016


Maya, in the picture, had a great time with Louisa and family in summer 2015. Next summer she is traveling to France to practice her French so she won´t be joining the group. The family are still happy to repeat the experience, though.

- No worries, Louisa! We have a few more adorable students for your family to enjoy this summer, too!




"We always have fun when Zita, our Spanish student visits. It´s a pleasure to welcome her into our home and it´s a good experience for my children to accommodate and look after her. We are always  sad to see her leave." 


Ms Guy, Lymington, September 2015


Ms Guy and family have hosted students for our organization and enjoyed doing so since 2012!



“I was recommended this company by a friend last year and I have been delighted with the result and would love to recommend them to my friends for this year, as an excellent opportunity for your child/family."


Karen McDonnell, Bournemouth, April 2015






“An amazing experience, both as a family and for our daughter….a fantastic time and something we will do again!”

Mrs Cordon, Isle of Wight, March 2014




“It was a great experience not only for the student, but for our 14-year-old son. It opened his eye to the difference in schooling and what it would be like to have a brother…… very good indeed.”

Mr & Mrs Webster, Southampton







“Fantastic experience for our son, and the rest of the family, it was sad to see him go.”

 Langdown-Jones Family, Southampton










‘‘We all enjoyed it so much, she came back again! July wouldn't be the same without her now… ‘’

Mr & Mrs Price, Southampton