Information for schools

The aim of our scheme is to provide Spanish children with the opportunity of being immersed in the daily life of a British family in order to practice and improve the language they are learning whilst they also achieve the knowledge of the culture and a love for the country.

Each of our students is hosted by a family with a child of the same age and usually the same gender, too. We take particular care in matching children with similar interests and hobbies and as a result our placements are usually very successful. Many families have repeated the experience several times, sometimes even with the same child for as many as 5 summers and several of the English children have been invited over to visit Spain. Many long-lasting relationships have been forged in all these years bringing students over!

The students always arrive at the end of the Spanish school year and stay in England for less then four weeks, which normally coincides with the last three or four weeks of the English school calendar.

As part of their experience we kindly ask the school the English child attends to allow our Spanish student to accompany him/her as a listener. As a sign of gratitude we offer schools a fee per student attending the school. We normally don’t have more than two children per school, but a few schools sometimes take more, with much success. This figure varies depending on the limit of students admitted by the school and the number of families from the school that contact us.

The fee for schools admitting students from the group traveling from June 10th to 24th will receive a fee of 100 GBP.

The fee for schools admitting students from the group traveling from June 23rd to July 18th will receive a fee of 200 GBP.

Click here to see a list of schools that have collaborated with us in the past.

We interview the children and their families, in order to make sure they understand what their responsibilities are and what kind of behaviour we expect from them. We make sure that they are well-mannered, good students, eager to learn and mature enough to undertake this experience.

Our students are fully insured to cover any eventualities, that may occur while they are in England anywhere -including school-, details of which are sent to the schools prior to arrival.


Following the Safeguarding of Vulnerable Groups Act 2006, all members in the host families over 18 are requested to be DBS checked.