About Us

SARA MARTIN, Headteacher.

Sara Martin is a qualified English teacher. She runs Hamilton Idiomas, a Language School in Sopelana, a town near Bilbao and Hamilton School, in Bilbao.

From a very young age, her English grandmother shared with her the love for her country, language, culture and people. Sara had lovely memories of many childhood summers in England improving her English, so she decided to give her students and friends’ children the same opportunity. For over 30 years all the students she has brought have been referred to her by previous customers. This level of customer satisfaction could not be achieved without the personal attention that Sara and her colleagues in England, dedicate to the welfare of the students.

Sara interviews the Spanish students to make sure that they understand what it is involved and that they are mature enough to undertake the trip. During the interview Sara learns about the child’s interest, personality and family environment. This interview is very important as it helps to find the best match for that child in England.

In the summer, Sara travels to England with the group and stays here a few days to make sure everyone is settled. She comes back at the end of the stay to take the children back home. In the meantime her proffessional colleagues make sure everything runs smooth for everyone involved.




Carlos has a robust and rich intellectual profile: on top of his original university training as physicist, he is currently in his fourth year of philosophy at the University of Paris. His interests cover a wide range of areas, from politics and arts to education, sciences, cooking and writing. Multilingual (English, French, German, Italian, Latin and Spanish), he has worked as a translator and as a language teacher. He has a genuine interest in people’s problems and concerns, hence his strong experience of working with the community. His love for traveling and his language skills are a testimony to the importance he places on cultural exchange as a privileged means to develop our potential as fully aware, open minded, well-equipped and autonomous persons in today’s global and complex world.

This and his interpersonal skills enable him to act as a strong and reliable link between all the actors taking part in our Language Exchange Program; and to secure all the necessary support to children, families and schools so that it becomes the optimum experience you all expect and we are thoroughly committed to guarantee. Carlos and his wife (an islander) have two daughters aged 17 and 13. After many years in Spain, France and Colombia, they decided to move back to the Isle of Wight where they have been living for the last five years.



Born and grown up in Costa Rica, Laura has always had a passion for teaching Spanish. She enjoys working with people of all ages to help develop their language skills and understanding of the Spanish language and culture. She has over 16 years’ experience teaching young people and shares her enthusiasm through a Spanish after school club, which she set up 14 years ago. 

Laura currently lives in Somerset, enjoying everything that the English countryside has to offer. She currently works as a private Spanish tutor, interacting with, and teaching people from across the world. In her spare time Laura enjoys spinning and travelling with her friends and family. Cooperating with Hamilton UK since 2024, her vast experience and skillset make Laura a great asset. She is able to support both the students and host families to ensure an easy and enjoyable process for all parts involved


Growing up in a Spanish-English household, Amaia has always had a passion and understanding of other cultures. She went to university to study Spanish, French and Italian, has lived and worked in Spain and France, and spent several summer working for English language Schools in her hometown in the New Forest. This background, and her many school holidays spent in Spain as a child, allow her to truly understand the wonders and complexities of exchange programmes.

Amaia now lives in Southampton and works in translation and copywriting, She also practices kickboxing, yoga and meditation, and loves seeing live music, traveling, and getting away in her campervan.

Amaia´s skills and background mean she is well-placed to support both the host families and the students, to communicate openly and to understand the needs of all involved to ensure the best experience for everyone.