We select the right student for you.

You host him or her, make a friend and get well paid for it!

We make sure everything goes well.

Everyone enjoys it !!!!!

Over 30 years of experience back us up!

Why not give your family the chance to practice important values and skills, such as empathy, generosity, patience, cooperation, tolerance, care, sharing, being an example for others, learn from others, communication skills… and get very well paid for it?

All those values may be learnt and practiced through the experience we can bring to your home by choosing a suitable student to spend almost four weeks with you in the summer (2022 dates: from June 25th to July 21st).

We are different from other language schools looking for host families. We don’t look for hostels for our students. We look for HOMES for them: when matching students and families we take into account personalities, hobbies, tastes,... to increase the chances of success. We have witnessed many long lasting friendships in our 34 years of history!

If your family is open and caring, and you want to know more about our programme, either click on and read "Information for families" in the menu above or leave your details in "Contact us" and we will call you to explain it in detail. If you have further questions, you may also contact us at info@hamiltonidioma.co.uk or by telephone: Carlos Arturo 07393 206 539 and/or Sara Martin +34 617 022 571 (WhatsApp)


We bring a small group of students aged 11 to 16 and we are looking for friendly families for them. If you are suitable and available for hosting one of our students don’t wait too long to contact if you don´t want to be left out!

And if you are not suitable or interested but know of someone who might be, why not send them our url (www.hamiltonidiomas.co.uk)? They will surely appreciate it!

Thank you very much for your time and interest!


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